So, I am John and I am a dad, which includes being a step-dad, a working dad, and a bereaved dad.

By day, I’m an industrial chef… who hates cooking professionally…

Yeah, it’s gonna be one of those blogs, sorry.

I have four beautiful girls of my own: Sophie, Melody, Kelsi, and now Calliope, with two amazing step kids, Leah and JJ.  Unfortunately, Sophie died when I was 17, and Melody in 2012.  Writing became a catharsis for me, losing myself in those worlds.  My wife Julz is a writer like me, and has an insanely large online presence (even if she won’t admit it).

She’s also the reason this blog exists….

So it’s her fault.

See?  There’s photographic proof!

This Happened

My wife thinks I should write about the more normal stuff, being a dad, cooking, losing weight, that sort of thing, keeping it separate from my writing blog.  Yes I’m an author.  I have released several books, all military science fiction.  Please don’t judge me.

What’s that?  You’re interested?  Well, why don’t you pop over to my Amazon page here, and have a look at what’s out so far.  Or go here for a whole warhost of short stories.

For those of you still with me, welcome.

Here, you’ll find all sorts of useful stuff: recipes for low fat/low calories foods, ideas for exercising (as I’m trying to lose weight… it keeps finding me no matter how hard I run), as well as links for other things to occupy you.  Of course, there’s also plenty of me yacking my face clean off.

I’ve just got to write it….

*Ahem* excuse me, whilst I procrastinate…

Ah, Looking For Group here I come…


What blog?


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