Breastfeeding Celebration Week 2017

The Red head diaries

Right from when I fell pregnant with my first daughter, breastfeeding was definitely something I wanted to try, even if I couldn’t do it for long, I knew I needed to have a go. Early induction, due to Pre-Eclampsia, a very slow labour ending in an emergency caesarean section, nothing was going according to the plan in which I wanted. She was whisked into NICU and I was introduced to a breast pump. Unfortunately days after birth was when my breastfeeding journey with her went downhill. I was made to have bed rest for 24 hours, where I couldn’t see my baby, it was difficult being inexperienced figuring out how to pump. There was the odd nice midwife who took their time to try and help. But I ended up getting mixed messages from the Antenatal Ward and NICU, it was terribly confusing. At six days old she was allowed…

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May 2017

The Red head diaries

May moved forward in a blink of an eye.  It was busy and it was fun. Most of all we made some decisions as a family which will hopefully lead to some new and exciting things… But of course we have to get to that point first, and to try not to build our hopes up too much for the direction we plan to take.

Mr Red was diagnosed with a Leg Ulcer, which meant he’s had to have time from work to rest, in the hope it would heal, which helped me to be able to do extra shifts at my day job, leading us to make the decision for us to swap roles; for him to spend more time with the children and for me to concentrate on a career –  a career I never imagined I wanted to do, let alone be this excited about.  It will…

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