Aldi School Uniform 

The Red head diaries

Today Aldi’s very popular Back to School event began today.

I love their special events, they’re able to give such fantastic deals on so many every day items, this of course includes their Back to School event.

I’d brought some items last year, particularly the Polo Shirts, they lasted really well, washing them didn’t wear them out in a away you’d expect for something so cheap.

With our third child entering primary school in September, I have needed to get fresh new clothes for her.

I was unfortunately unable to get for my older children, as the clothes only cater up to 10-11.

But I am pleased with what I did get for Mini.

Although there wasn’t a great deal left, I came away with items at fantastic prices, which having multiple children (two of whom need full new uniforms), will save us some money.

So, we had to get…

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