Twenty Facts About Me

The Red head diaries

  1. I have always loved writing, have done since I was a child, but never really had the right support until now.
  2. I met my husband through Facebook.
  3. When we finally met face to face, I spoke solely about how NHS sandwiches tasted like cardboard. (I worked in the NHS at the time, and he is a chef).
  4. I am incredibly insecure, there are times where it keeps me awake, it really makes me feel lonely.
  5. I have accidentally tried Cauliflower Cheese, Cabbage with both gravy and custard over it. And I enjoyed it.
  6. I am an emetiphobe, I have been since the severe HG I had with my last baby. The thought of being sick terrifies me.
  7. I once sang solo in public when I was about 14/15.
  8. I was a majorette as a child; I was part of Super Troopers, and then Jay Majorettes at a later time.
  9. I…

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