I’m a grieving dad.

That doesn’t mean I’m an alien, or someone to avoid, or even someone who is going to steal your baby. But it does mean that I’m hurting. It means that I miss my two lost daughters, and it means that society will ignore me and other dads like me. It does not mean I sit on the sofa crying my eyes out every damn day.

We’re men, after all; we’re expected by most to be stoic and strong, and to not be as badly affected by the missing pieces of our hearts.

This is a place for us all to come and remember those missing pieces. To show the world we are ALLOWED to be sad, to have to be picked up, to drop that armour we habitually keep up between us and the world.  We might as well be Iron Man, or a Knight of the Round Table.  But here we can just be Tony Stark, Clark Kent, no more, no less.

Here, I’ll post resources like similar sites, the best counselling, anything I can think of.  And anything YOU can think of.  If you know of anything I haven’t put, let me know!

Welcome to the club that nobody should be in.

man-of-steel-shield  melody-and-me-poster



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