Twenty Facts About Me

The Red head diaries

  1. I have always loved writing, have done since I was a child, but never really had the right support until now.
  2. I met my husband through Facebook.
  3. When we finally met face to face, I spoke solely about how NHS sandwiches tasted like cardboard. (I worked in the NHS at the time, and he is a chef).
  4. I am incredibly insecure, there are times where it keeps me awake, it really makes me feel lonely.
  5. I have accidentally tried Cauliflower Cheese, Cabbage with both gravy and custard over it. And I enjoyed it.
  6. I am an emetiphobe, I have been since the severe HG I had with my last baby. The thought of being sick terrifies me.
  7. I once sang solo in public when I was about 14/15.
  8. I was a majorette as a child; I was part of Super Troopers, and then Jay Majorettes at a later time.
  9. I…

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Aldi School Uniform 

The Red head diaries

Today Aldi’s very popular Back to School event began today.

I love their special events, they’re able to give such fantastic deals on so many every day items, this of course includes their Back to School event.

I’d brought some items last year, particularly the Polo Shirts, they lasted really well, washing them didn’t wear them out in a away you’d expect for something so cheap.

With our third child entering primary school in September, I have needed to get fresh new clothes for her.

I was unfortunately unable to get for my older children, as the clothes only cater up to 10-11.

But I am pleased with what I did get for Mini.

Although there wasn’t a great deal left, I came away with items at fantastic prices, which having multiple children (two of whom need full new uniforms), will save us some money.

So, we had to get…

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Breastfeeding Celebration Week 2017

The Red head diaries

Right from when I fell pregnant with my first daughter, breastfeeding was definitely something I wanted to try, even if I couldn’t do it for long, I knew I needed to have a go. Early induction, due to Pre-Eclampsia, a very slow labour ending in an emergency caesarean section, nothing was going according to the plan in which I wanted. She was whisked into NICU and I was introduced to a breast pump. Unfortunately days after birth was when my breastfeeding journey with her went downhill. I was made to have bed rest for 24 hours, where I couldn’t see my baby, it was difficult being inexperienced figuring out how to pump. There was the odd nice midwife who took their time to try and help. But I ended up getting mixed messages from the Antenatal Ward and NICU, it was terribly confusing. At six days old she was allowed…

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May 2017

The Red head diaries

May moved forward in a blink of an eye.  It was busy and it was fun. Most of all we made some decisions as a family which will hopefully lead to some new and exciting things… But of course we have to get to that point first, and to try not to build our hopes up too much for the direction we plan to take.

Mr Red was diagnosed with a Leg Ulcer, which meant he’s had to have time from work to rest, in the hope it would heal, which helped me to be able to do extra shifts at my day job, leading us to make the decision for us to swap roles; for him to spend more time with the children and for me to concentrate on a career –  a career I never imagined I wanted to do, let alone be this excited about.  It will…

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April Challenge #rhdmindfulness 

Daily challenge from the brilliant mind of my wife!

The Wet Wipe Diaries

I am also hoping, if I can get organised enough to Vlog daily as an addition to my own in put. This is my first video, bear with me,

As I have said in my previous post, there is no competition, no right or wrong way of joining in. You can do them all, or just one. Share within your social media areas or keep private.

Day One Who AreYOU?

Apart from being a wife, a husband, or being a parent, or who ever your paid role brings.

Who are you as an individual? How would you describe yourself?

Day Two Something you avoid doing.

Are there situations that cause you bursts of anxiety? Things you wish you could do, but your brain, stops you. Things that could maybe cause triggers.

Day Three The Weather Today.

What is the weather like today where you are? How does it make…

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Barn Dance Success!

The Wet Wipe Diaries

Well, what a night!

The weeks leading up to the event was beginning to feel as if there was nothing going to fall in to place, with making a slow 50 sales it was hard to know whether it would be worth it. Well the days leading up to our event, proved amazing things come to those who wait. Our top target was to sell 100, it was our dream number, and was a comfortable number for our venue. We sold 104. So our ‘Sold Out’ went to plus numbers too.

We’re incredibly proud of this overall progress.

As for the night.

Pig Tails and Check Shirts filled the dance floor.


I hadn’t been to a Barn Dance since I was about 14, and probably spent most of it outside with my friends, and a lot of people attending had never been to one either. Looking around the hall, if…

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